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"My story isn't finished yet."

Hannah is one of the 86 people finding hope and the resources she needs at Grace Campus right now.

"I really wish people understood how terrifying it is to be homeless.

If I didn’t have Grace Campus, I would be on the streets tonight. Grace Campus has given me a second chance at life. I have a roof over my head, food, clothes, people that care about me, and a chance to live life again. I think it's important to share my story because maybe someday, someone might be affected in a positive way and change their life because of what I’ve been through. You see, my story isn’t finished yet. By the Grace of God, I have the blessing of wonderful people at Grace Campus. I have a steady job and a place where I’m safe and no one can hurt me. I’m humble and appreciative.

I’m so grateful for all the people that have donated money and volunteer at Grace Campus, because without everyone’s help none of us would have a warm place to stay. They have made my dream to get back on my feet a reality so that God can continue to use my story to help other people that are homeless get off the streets."

Click HERE if you would like to give and help provide hope for people like Hannah. or

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