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Grace Campus offers a unique approach

It’s hard to argue that homelessness is a challenging problem throughout our community, as well as our nation. It’s not uncommon today to see news reports about large cities desperately seeking out ways to combat this growing problem and yet regardless of their efforts, the numbers continuing to increase.

In 2018, 78 people moved from Grace Campus into unsubsidized housing and so far this year, 71 people have transitioned into independent living.

It's important to note that the primary population at Grace Campus consists of individuals that are “situationally" homeless, not "chronically" homeless. They are experiencing homelessness due to a wide range of factors such as unemployment, house fire, incarceration, lack of family support, inability to pay bills, and various other situations. What they all have in common is simply hitting a "bump in the road of life" and needing a place where they can rebound and get back on their feet.

Their need for places like Grace Campus is imperative in moving beyond their present circumstances.

As one person recently shared on their bi-weekly accountability form, “So many people think that homelessness happens to people that want to be on the streets and are bums, but most of us are really good people that want a better life and just need a hand in doing that. Grace Campus is a place where people can come and have a place to sleep, shower, eat, and get jobs. It's a place where people really care about you. With more places like Grace Campus, people could get the help they need quicker so that homelessness could end."

Bottom line: There is no cookie-cutter way to address the issue of homelessness. Perhaps part of the problem stems from focusing on one strategy as the proposed solution for all, rather than providing a variety of ways in communities to address the complexities of this problem. Grace Campus does not ask for or receive any government money, which makes finances extremely tight. However, this decision has also allowed us the freedom to operate free from chasing after solutions that (while helpful for some) are not beneficial for all. It has allowed us to serve a portion of our community that needs the assistance of places like Grace Campus.

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