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We invite you to be a part of our story.

The mission of Grace Campus is to inspire hope, instill value, and equip the homeless in our community. It is our desire for every person that comes through our gates to realize their life has purpose and meaning. Grace Campus not only provides temporary shelter for the homeless in Lubbock, but also comes alongside these individuals helping them realize their potential and ability to live an independent life that positively contributes to society.


Grace Campus serves a critical need in the Lubbock community. The population we serve is diverse and our clients have a variety of needs! We believe there is no “cookie-cutter” way to address homelessness. It requires all of us working together, looking for creative solutions, and contributing what we can to the cause.  


  • Grace Campus is a 6-month transitional homeless shelter.

  • Grace Campus does not operate on government money.  We exist thanks to the generous donations of individuals, groups, churches, and businesses. 

  • Grace Campus provides access to basic necessities/resources so individuals can focus on getting back on their feet (ex. showers, laundry, clothing, hygiene items, meals, mailing address, shelter, etc...)

  • Grace Campus typically has over 100 volunteers a week serving on the campus grounds.

  • Each person at Grace Campus is expected to be working towards independent living and must submit an accountability form every week. 

  • All able individuals are required to be working or seeking employment, as well as helping with community chores.

  • There are typically around 70 individuals at Grace Campus.  Females make up approximately 15% of the population.

  • Grace Campus provides emergency temporary shelter during inclement weather.

  • Grace Campus partners with many amazing organizations/agencies throughout the Lubbock area in an effort to provide the best assistance possible for each person that comes through the gates.


The foundation of Grace Campus goes back to 2011. During this time, our primary focus involved serving the homeless on the streets of Lubbock and working with incarcerated individuals in the Lubbock County Detention Center. We quickly realized that something more had to be done to truly help this population and establishing a non-profit was the first step.


Paul's Project became incorporated in Texas as a nonprofit corporation on December 9, 2014 and on January 26, 2015 received 501c3 status (only eleven days after submitting an application to the IRS). Shortly after, we received a call from the nonprofit that owned and operated Tent City stating that due to lack of funding and volunteer support they would be shutting down unless Paul's Project would take it. We agreed without hesitation knowing that an outside-the-box solution to homelessness, like Grace Campus, would make a positive impact in the lives of countless individuals.  


Upon receiving ownership of Tent City, the first change was a new name. Tent City became Grace Campus. Today, Grace Campus is a transitional homeless shelter for approximately 75-90 individuals and tiny houses have replaced the worn-out army tents.

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