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From The Heart

Send some encouragement FROM THE HEART…

One of the things we really miss during this time is all the smiling faces and encouraging words of our amazing volunteers. We typically have over 100 volunteers coming through our gates every week to serve on campus. This has all been halted due to the impact of COVID-19.  Our hope is that you might take a moment and share some encouragement for everyone at Grace Campus.  These messages will be hung up throughout the campus.  Below, you will see what the message will be printed on.  So, please fill in your message and we will print it out onto a heart; or you can download it and put a handwritten message in the heart and even color or decorate it if you want.  These can be scanned and emailed to or mailed to Grace Campus/ PO Box 53891/ Lubbock, TX 79453.

(If you choose to put a name on it, we do ask that people don’t use their full names.  Simply your first or last would be great!)

From the heart....

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Grace Campus 

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Your message has been submitted.  Thank you so much for caring about us!

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